Ashampoo Zip

  • Nearly all computer users come across file archives in different formats, e.g. the wide-spread ZIP format. Compressed files are easy to store and share. Ashampoo ZIP Free bundles essential features like reading and writing of archives in a single free application.

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The Fast One (v5)

This release dramatically increases page load speed which matters to Google and visitors with slow connections alike.

This major release increases page load speed dramatically. The page now scores roughly 90/100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights (up from ~50) and has a high score on similar tools.

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Social Media Impocalypse (v4)

This release adds a lot of social media icons and introduces a new default layout. It also breaks things, hence a new major release number.


  • Structure of _config.yml has changed
    • Social media usernames are now located under author: social: <platform>: <username>.
    • disqus is now a top-level entry (moved from author).
    • Now has font, font_accent and google_fonts fields that are mandatory.
  • Now defaults to the blog layout, old style is available via blog-by-tag layout, see archive.html.

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